• Computer Training
  • Cultural Training (Art, Dance, Music etc)
  • Mobile & laptop Repairing Training
  • Spoken English
  • Vocational Training
  • Govt. Project (IT & Non IT)
  • Placement Assistance
  • Software Development
  • Website Designe
Course Name Course Details Duration in Month
Computer Awareness Programme (CAP) Computer Fundamentals; Windows; concepts of MS-Office (Word, Excel &Power Point), Internet & E-mail 3
Certificate in Advanced MS Excel (CAE) MS Excel Full 3
Certificate in Web Designing (CWD) HTML,CSS,JAVA Script, VB Script, Dreamweaver 3
Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) Computer Fundamentals ;MS-DOS, Windows; MS-Office (Word Excel, Power Point); Internet & E-mail; Concept of Account Software 6
Certificate in Financial Accounting (CFA) Computer Fundamentals; Windows; concepts of Accountancy, (MS Excel, Tally ) 6
Certificate Course in Desk Top Publishing (CCDTP) Corel Draw, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Bengali typing & Scanning. 6
Diploma in Computer Application & Designing (DCAD) Fundamentals, MS-Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Internet & e-mail, CCDTP 12
Diploma in Computer Application & Accounting (DCAA) CCA, Tally.ERP 10
Diploma in Office Management (DOM) CCA, CCDTP, Tally.ERP, Programming Concept 18
Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) Computer Fundamentals; MS-DOS Windows; MS-Office (Word, Excel & Power Point ); RDBMS with MS Access , Programming Concept using C, Internet & E-mail. HTML, Concept of Tally ERP 9 12
Diploma in Office Operation Management (DOOM) Computer Fundamentals; MS-DOS Windows; MS-Office (Word, Excel & Power Point );Internet & E-mail, Tally ERP 9 ; Service Tax, VAT, Payroll; Webpage Design using HTML 12
Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA) Computer Concept & Fundamental Operating System-Windows MS Office- Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Internet & E-mail; Tally 9.0, Web Page Designing with HTML, Fundamentals of JAVA Programming Language, Programming Concept using C & Computer Hardware 12
Crash Course on ASP.NET (.NET Technology) (CCAN) NET Technology, MS SQL Server, C#, VB| Project/Live Project 6
Diploma in AutoCAD (DCAD) Introduction to CAD Industry; Annotations & Dimensions Layers Viewpoint & UCS Drawing settings; Orthographic Drawings; Isometric Drawings Perspective Drawings Editing the Drawings Selection Methods; Presenting the Project; Working with a Team; Layout Management; Scale setting Plotting; Import & Export;3D Modelling Concepts in AutoCAD;3D Co-ordinates Systems; Wireframe Modelling & Editing; Solid, Mesh, Surface (Modelling & Editing);Materials, Lights & Rendering; Working with Images Import & Export. 6
Advance Diploma in Auto CAD (ADCAD) Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office & Internet; Introduction Principle of drafting, Terminology, & Fundamentals; Size & shape descriptions. Geometric Construction. Views Plan views, Auxiliary views, Section Views. Projection Method of Projection. Multi-view Orthographic Projection. Projection Techniques. Modelling Fundamental for Engineering Design; Shape Modelling and it’s application. CADD Introduction of CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Designing). Function keys, Shortcut keys, Different sizes of paper. Application of CADD – Automatic Drafting , Geometric Modelling Geometric Modelling – Wire frame Modelling, Surface Modelling, and Solid Modelling. CADD Application & it’s feature Introduction to Standard based 2D drafting (Based on International standard for representation & conformation) 3D Design Concept of 3D Design. X, Y, Z Co-ordination System. Documentation Manufacturing Process & Material Documentation. 12
Advance Diploma in Hardware & Networking (ADHN) Computer Basics, Block Diagram of a Computer System, Storage Devices, Basic Tools (Hardware & Software),Basic electronic components, Site Preparation, Types of cards used in computer system, Types of Interfaces/Connectors, Types of Processors & Memory ,Motherboard (Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting),Power Supply (Installation & Troubleshooting),
Hard/Floppy Disk drives (Installation and configuration),CD ROM Drive, DVD & CTD (Installation and Maintenance),Keyboard servicing and CMOS Setup, Monitors (Servicing & Maintenance),Printers
(Troubleshooting & Maintenance), Assembling & Dismantling of PCs and Front panel connections, Software Installation & Virus Protection, & Basic blocks of a digital computer. Function of each block. Personal computer organization. Introduction to various generations of PC‟s. Brief working and usage of I/O and memory devices used in a PC. Working with computer using windows operating system, Interfacing I/O device to motherboard. Need and function of driver. Identifying devices installed in the PC. Enabling, disabling, refreshing, checking properties of devices installed. Installing new devices, setting and testing Serial data communication, principle, standards/protocols and devices/ applications. Parallel data communication, principle, standards/protocols and devices/ applications. Features of Networked computers, Components required for networking, Network Topologies. Comparison. Network Protocols, applications, Physical components planning for a small LAN. Network operating systems and features. Network cables, types, specifications, standards, application. Peer – to – peer connection. Client – server connection, comparison, applications. What is router, its function, configuration table. Concept of work groups and uses. UTP Cross cable for testing connection between two computers. UTP straight cable and connecting through N-port Switch. Allocation of IP address and Subnet mask. Cabling procedures and introduction to structured cabling. Resource sharing in LAN environment. Creating users in Widows server. Resource sharing and Security. Sharing a single internet connection in LAN, with or without the use of Proxy. Multi user OS.
Professional in Hardware & Networking (PADHN) Ana log Electronics; Digital Electronics; Microprocessor; Different type of computer devices assembling; BIOS Setting; FORMATTING & Software Loading; Device Installation & Configuration; Trouble shooting; Internet Connection; LAN & Fundamental of Networking. 12
ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN HARDWARE & Networking PROFESSIONAL (ADHNP) Basics Electronics; Operating Systems: (Dos, Windows, XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7 server, Linux); M.S.Office; Microprocessors; Installation & Assembling; Peripheral Device Installation & Maintenance; PC Architecture; Power Supply ;Display System ;Drivers (Floppy/ Optical/ Hard Disk Drive) ;Network Fundamental Communication Model & Protocols LAN Design & Network Security WAN & Internet Access LAN Device (Repeaters, Hub, Bridges, Switches, Routers) Concept of Wireless technology (Blue tooth, WAP, Wi-Fi, 3G. 12
DTP Computer Fundamentals; MS-DOS Windows; MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) ;Adobe PageMaker Adobe Photoshop 6
DDTP Computer Fundamentals; MS-DOS Windows; MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) ;Adobe PageMaker CorelDraw; Adobe Photoshop Using Multilingual Software. Adobe illustrator. 12
Advance Diploma in Publishing (ADP) / Print Publishing MS-Office – Word, PowerPoint Adobe PageMaker; CorelDraw; Adobe Photoshop CS2; Illustrator, Flash, Sound Forge; Premier PRO Internet; Search Engine Marketing (Google);Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing);Using Multilingual Software. 12
e-ACCOUNTANT OS-DOS,WINDOWS; M.S. Office; Internet, Book Keeping: - Cash Book, Ledger Day Book, Ledger Posting, Banking Transactions, Journal Procedures, Accounting Vouchers, Final Accounts:- Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Cast Accounting (Inventory): - Knowledge of Inventory, Stock Creation, Multi Currency, Material Transfer, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Security Control Statutory & Taxation: - VAT, TDS, TCS, Service Tax, Income Tax, Excise Duty Project Creation 12
Diploma in Industrial Management & Accounting (DIMA) Sem-1 : A) Introduction to Industrial Management: 1. Meaning of OB, Importance of OB, Field of OB, Contributing Disciplines, Applications in Industry. 2. Personality and Individual Differences – Meaning of Personality, Determinants of Personality, Measurement of Personality, Development of Personality. 3. The Process of Perception – Process and Principles, Nature and Importance, Factors Influencing Perception, Perceptual Selectivity, Making Judgements, Social Perception. 4. Learning – Concepts and Principles Types, Techniques of Administration, Reinforcement, Punishment, Learning about Self. 5. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction – Sources of Attitudes, Types of Attitudes, Attitudes and Consistency 6. Work Stress – Understanding Stress, Potential Sources of Stress, Consequences of Stress, Managing Stress. B) Fundamentals of Computer, C) Dos, D) Windows , E)Ms Office , F)E-mail & Internet, Social networking and its applications. G)Comprehensive Viva Voice.Sem- 2 [1] Information Technology concepts : Data v. information, Classification of hardware and software System software & Application software, open source software Operating system concepts [2] Systems concepts : a) Systems, components of a system, interfaces & boundaries, environment of a system Types of Systems Information system as a system, b )CBIS(Computer Based Information System ) Types of CBIS (brief descriptions and their
/hierarchies): [3] Office Automation System(OAS),[4] Transaction Processing System(TPS), [5] Management Information System(MIS), [6] Decision Support Systems (DSS), [7] Executive Information System(EIS), [8]Knowledge based system,[9] ERP & its application in business; [10] Golden rules of Accounting, Journal & Ledger posting, Trial Balance & P/L account, Depreciation, Balance Sheet; [11] Tally full version, [12] Comprehensive.
Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA) Computer Fundamentals; Operating System – Windows M.S.Office – (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);RDBMS with MS- Access , ;Internet & E-mail, Tally ERP 9 12
Tally ERP Computer Fundamentals; MS-DOS, Windows; MS-Office (Word, Excel & Power Point); Internet & E-mail, Tally ERP 9 6
Advance Diploma in Special Effects & Animation (ADVFXA) Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Combustion, Flash, 3D studio Max, Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge. Elastic Reality, Swish & Concept of Maya. Practical Design & Develop Animation Project. 18
Certificate in Data Entry Operator (CDEO) Computer Fundamental, OS – Windows, M.S.Office – Word & Excel; E-mail; Typing practice & typing speed test; Personality Development & interview skill building 6
Diploma in Web Design (DWD) HTML Coding - Create Web pages, Cascading Style Sheets - Style Web Pages, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 - Create Web Pages and Web Sites, Build a Web site: Introduction, HTML5,CSS3, Build a Web site: Domain names and hosting account explained, Build a Web site: Creating Web pages, Build a Web site: Links, images and formatting, Build a Web site: Publishing a Web page, Assessment. 12
Diploma in Computer Programming (DCP) Programming Concept; Logic & Techniques; Concept of Programming Languages; Programming in C Language; Object oriented Programming with C++ Relational Database Management with SQL Server. 12
Advance Diploma in Computer Programming (ADCP) Programming Concept; Logic & Techniques; Concept of Programming Languages; Programming in C Language; Fundamentals of JAVA ™Programming Language; JAVA ™ Programming Language (Advanced) 16
Advance Diploma in WEB Technology & Multimedia (ADWTM) Domain name registration; Hosing your website; Detailed class on cPanel. HTML/DHTML, CSS, JavaScript Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver Flash Basic, Sound Forge; Practically design and develop Website; Search Engine Optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing);Search Engine Marketing Google);Social Media Optimization (Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger.);About CD/DVD Writer; Play Movie 12
Advance Diploma in Web Designing (ADWD) ASP.NET, PHP.NET,HTML,CS, DHTML, MYSQL,SOUND FORGE 16
3DAnimation Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office & Internet Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, Toon Boom, Autodesk Maya 8.5, Sound Forge, Adobe Premier, Coral Draw and latest software if needed; Digital Imaging-Designing images and textures especially for Animation Modeling-Designing human figures & images for texture. Create professional models for animation production Texturing- Designing images for textures Create textures for characters and backgrounds Rigging –Understanding human anatomy and create professional rigs; Animation Understanding Of animation principles & creating professional animation sequences with lighting effects. 12
Advance Diploma in Computers Teachers Training (ADCTT) Computer Concept & Fundamental Operating System-Windows MS Office- Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Internet & E-mail; Tally 9.0, Web Page Designing with HTML, Programming in visual basic, Programming in C, Programming in C++, Programming Java. 14
Certificate in Communicative English (CCE) Elementary Grammar, Vocabularies, Extempore, Turncoat, Public Speaking, Hot seat Round, Situation Reaction, Open Conversation, Role Play, Reading Skill, Telephonic Conversation, Pronunciation, Voice & Accent Training, Group Discussion, Debate, Writing Skill, Interviewing Skills. 6
Diploma in Web Technology & Multimedia Master (DWTM) Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office & Internet Corel Draw12, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe PageMaker 7.0 & Adobe Dreamweaver PHP.NET,HTML,CS, DHTML,SOUND FORGE 12